Mac version + 1.01 update!!

Hello friends! Two announcements:

1. The game has been updated to 1.01, which fixes a few minor bugs. There was a pretty big issue with Typing Tanktics that broke the game if you played it multiple times. Additionally, the code that cycles through players when you're playing with more than 3 people could break if you swapped player positions—that has also been fixed.

2. Mac version!!! Unfortunately, this only works if you install it through the itchio launcher. If you download the ZIP, MacOS will not allow you to launch the applications. However, once you install it through itchio, you don't necessarily need to use the itch client to launch the game every time. If you open the itchio client and then locate the local app files, you can launch them directly.

Huge thanks to sKye, aka HomeStarRunnerTron, who reached out and figured out how to get the game running on Macs. Flash has been obsolete on Macs for almost a half-decade and we never thought a Mac release was realistic!

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Version 7 Jun 17, 2020 60 MB
Version 7 Jun 17, 2020

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